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Hotwife challenges part 64

I was a bit worried

so I texted her.
Me: What are you doing?
Amelie: We’re taping something again.
Me: What are you taping? I haven’t seen anything yet.
Amelie: I don’t have the footage either.
Me: Did they pay you?
Amelie: No, but they will.
Me: They didn’t?!
Amelie: It was an audition! Cannot talk now. ttyl

Fuck, I was so angry.

As she got there

They started taping again. This time in a bathing suit and oiled up.

After they finished

She tried spending some time with James, yet he was very preoccupied with the videos, therefore she chatted with him about it. Not knowing what to do next, she asked him about the next music videos. He told her that the next one will be with her playing with two dildos in the same time. Amelie tried to flirt:

Amelie: Yeah? Is that how you’d like to see me?
James, very serious: That’s exactly how I’d like to see you.
Amelie: Yeah? Wanna take it now?
James: Now? Yeah, ok..let’s try. Guys, let’s set up the camera, Amelie is in a working mood!

So they did

She got on the bed and played with that two dildos only looking at James.

She was quite comfortable in that position I guess

As she flashed her pussy and fucked herself in front of those guys with that dildos. Her main focus, I think, was to show James what a good cocksucker she is, and I think she did.

She spent the rest of the afternoon in her bikini, lying around in their garden

They kept talking about the album, money, music, stuff. She sat on a bench, on her belly, chatting with the guys. Basically, she wanted to make sure James gets a good look at her butt. Robert came from behind and grabbed her butt in his hands very firmly.

Robert: Damn this butt is gonna make us millions!

She laughed and looked at James, while Robert was still playing with her butt! James was looking in his laptop.

Amelie: What do you think, James? Is this butt gonna make us millions?
James, looking up: Ummm….I don’t know. I hope so.

Robert went OHH and pulled her panties off in a second

Robert: You’re insane, man! Look at it! This is pure gold!
James haven’t looked up.
Robert: Why are you so negative? This is exactly what we wanted! Look at her.

And spread her cheeks apart. Amelie smiled and obliged.

As she got on her knees

While Robert was playing with her ass, she noticed that finally James looked at her and smiled. In that moment, she felt like that’s the way to go, so she moaned lightly. Robert started touching her asshole and pussy, therefore she became louder.
James: Have fun you lucky bastard!

And left the terrace and went inside. He seemed actually upset that he didn’t fuck her.

But Robert did

Right there on the terrace, he started fingering her and soon after he was throating her with his cock.. Later on, she was on top of him, riding his dick until she came. Then, she sucked his dick until he came in her mouth.

They sat next to eachother after that

Robert: Damn, that was good!
Amelie: Yeah, it was!

They went inside and met with our dorm colleague and the rest of the crew. Everyone looked nasty at them, but she only looked at James.
James: Allright, we’re gonna send those videos to editing today. Tomorrow we tape again, this time something even nastier.
Amelie: You like really nasty, don’t you?
James: I really do. So far, I’m not sure about the script but hopefully we can all listen to the song again and come up with ideas. How about that? And after that, let’s all meet for drinks. Invite a few people, if you want.

Our colleague drove her to the dorm

and she met me and told me only about the videos. She seemed to enjoy her time there definitely. Then she told me about her schedule tomorrow and about the party after it and we went silent.
Amelie: Yeah….so do you wanna come?
Me: Yes, I would. Do you want me to?
Amelie: yes..

She didn’t mean it.

The next day in the morning she left again

Amelie started telling James how she thought about the video and really listened to the song. She was acting like a teenage girl in love around him.

She danced around and flashed her butt next to the pool

James didn’t seem impressed and she was upset about it.  They all went inside and this time Ethan approached her.
Ethan: I gotta tell you, that dance of yours got me really hot!

and pointed to his pants, showing her he has a boner. It didn’t took 2 minutes and she was already giving him a handjob. And it didn’t took 5 minutes, and she was sucking his dick.

And in around 12 minutes, he was fucking her hard and cumming on her ass

They cleaned up and got dressed since it was almost time for people to arrive.

I don’t know why I came to that party

It was one of the weirdest moments of my life. As Amelie introduced me to people as “Her boyfriend”, people looked at her and went “do you have a boyfriend?”. I didn’t know how to respond at first. Some uni colleagues were there, some dorm colleagues, our roomates and many other people.

I saw the band talking while looking at me and then laughing cause i caught them

and I felt bad.
At some point during the afternoon, Austin got Amelie super high. He danced with her in all this crazy positions and they were making fun of it hard! She was so dizzy and couldn’t control herself and she was so dirty with them too.

I tried blending in but it was so harsh. Later on, some guys were cheering outside so I went to see what about. There were 4 guys that were looking at my girlfriend’s ass through the car’s window, while she was sucking Austin’s dick….

We broke up that night

Hotwife challenges part 63

The next day

She was woken up by our roomates who found her naked on the bed. They haven’t actually woken her up intentionally, they left her sleeping there naked. She woke up because of their loud chatting. I think it’s nice they actually had a conversation while Amelie was butt naked, sleeping next to them. As she woke up, she covered herself under the sheets, yet it was clearly just a show.

Later that day

she got a call from one of the guys she slept with last week, the one that told her about a photoshoot. He asked her if she’s alright discussing about it today and she said Yes. They met in front of the dorms, it was her, him and his roomate, and had a short drive until they arrived to a big house.

As they entered

The loud music was the first thing she noticed. She met with the people inside – James, Robert, Ethan and Austin. They were American and had a rock band. The first thing they did after introducing eachother were sniffing a line. So there she was, my girlfriend, doing dr*gs with a rock band she just met.

After some time

James explained to her their plan. They wanted to work with some incognito late-night music tv shows, where music videos are rather more erotic and they only air in certain countries. She listened to him fascinated.

James:….so if you will pass the audition, you might earn some money indeed. So, you ready?
Amelie: Now? Yeah.
James: perfect. The music video has multiple shots, but one of them is the woman dancing next to the motorcycle while raining. Are you ok with that?
Amelie: Yeah.
James: Allright, let’s try it out. Bring some clothes for Amelie!

She went in the bathroom and changed. As she return, they all went to the back garden, where there were multiple bikes.

James, laughing: It s just an audition today, so basically, we don’t have any rain, but we can use water bottles.
Amelie, shy: Allright..

They played the song on the speakers

and she tried dancing and playing around the bike.

Three of them were taping with professional cameras

while James and the dorm-mates were making photos with their phone.

The dancing went great, she is a slutty dancer, but for some reason, in her mind, she felt like she hasn’t surprised with anything yet. She asked herself if she should get naked or not, she thought about me, about the day before, about where she is…

And she did it..

She sat on the bike and pulled her pants lower.

The next minutes

she made those guys very happy by shaking her butt while they were spilling water on her.

AS the song ended

James: You so got the audition!
Amelie, laughing: Hah, Thank you!
James, looking in his colleague camera: Damn, I think there’s plenty of shots from today we’ll actually use.
Amelie: Umm..ok.
James: Fuck yeah! Let’s go inside.

They spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the rest of the album while discussing the music videos.

She got to the dorm around 23:00

And told me all about it. Normally, I would’ve been so excited, yet I felt something was off this time. And I felt right, she had a major crush on that James guy. She said she only finds him hot, but that’s it, but I could tell by the way she speaked of him.  I was a bit jealous. She haven’t told them she has a boyfriend, at that time.

Tomorrow morning

I woke up late to see that Amelie wasn’t in her bed. She texted she’s going to the band again.

Hotwife challenges part 62

She felt guilt, at first

And I felt weird too. It was such a thing to come back to – I left for a few days, and now she’s done all this. After we left the previous city because we wanted to get rid of the escort reputation, here we go again, we built it in a few weeks.

We left that evening and had a long talk, trying to decide what’s next. It didn’t took long and we ended up fucking in the car, in some alley.

It was one of the first times I thought about it

I introduced her to this lifestyle, I introduced her to xtc and other substances. I actually got what I wanted and more..Much more.
As we were talking about it, we realised that, for now, that’s the only path we can go on, yet we have to think about our reputation as well.

We return to the dorms

There was this strange feeling between us but we never spoke of it. It’s been around two weeks when we only had sex with eachother after that. She stopped wearing slutty clothes and everything came to “normal”.


one saturday evening, we’ve been invited to a party. I had a course that evening so Amelie went in first. When I arrived, I found her talking to those guys who she fucked from the upper floor, wearing something like this:

It was still early

And funny enough, all the guys that she slept with from our dorm were at that party.

Me, whispering to her: You’re not wearing and bra and panties.
Her: Ummm…yeah. Do you want me to go change?
Me: The hell? No! you’re so fkn hot!

I got so turned on

She, then, started to whisper in my ear everything she did with each guy.

Amelie: see that guy? That guy fucked me in the ass and told me I have the smoothest ass for fucking. Then he took his cock out of my butt and came all over me. And that guy? He peed on me…and in a glass, and I drank it. Oh and that guy? He has a photo of me sucking his dick…

I was rock solid.

As we were laughing about it, we moved the party inside since it started to get cold. Amelie’s nipples were so hard and I loved it. I told her I’m insanely horny and we should go home and fuck soon, but it was such a good place to be nasty at. Drunk college people having a dirty party in a big house, what more could I want? The house had two bathrooms, the one next to the living room, the small one, and one upstairs. The next thing Amelie did almost made me cum:

She entered the bathroom and sat on the toilet, trying to pee. She was a little high, so it took a while before she could, therefore, the guy that peed on her yesterday (let’s code name him Kev 😉 ) knocked on the door, yelling unpolitely:

Kev: come on, I had a zillion beers!

I was watching the scene to turned on

Amelie, to my surprise, slightly opened the bathroom door while she was on the toilet. I was like “fuck!”

Amelie: Hold up, Kev, I’m trying to pee and cannot.
Kev: While I want to pee and I’m able too!
Amelie, mumbling: Well, you’re just gonna have to wait!
Kev: Fuck, can i pee in the sink?!

He was yelling so loud

Amelie, laughing and mumbling: Go ahead!

I was shivering.

He entered the bathroom and shut the door

After a few seconds of arguing, she was still on the toilet, while he was peeing on her mouth, again. This scene happened while I was a few meters away. They cleaned up and got out of the bathroom together. She came to me and whispered in my ear the whole story, therefore I was so hard I had to sit down. I cannot express in words how high and turned on I was, I was mumbling and moaning constantly. I texted her “From now on, you’re a slut full-time. I don’t want to hide it anymore.”. She texted back “Ok, master”.

We left the party early

Got in our room and fucked. It took a few seconds for both of us to cum, but after that, I had to say I was still pretty moved by everything that’s been happening. Since I couldn’t sleep and I was still turned on, I pulled the blankets off her, revealing her sweet ass. I left the room and left the door slightly open. I only hoped our roomates would come to the dorms soon.

Hotwife challenges part 61

I haven’t heard of her since I arrived

100% true, yet 100% unbelivable, cause I left for 3 days and she done so many. After she closed her phone, I called a few times a day, worried. I came to the dorm and found her high as a kyte, therefore she told me everything she done…


She started the morning with a call from the guys upstairs asking her for the price for all three of them. She made 150 pounds and they taped her!

2. Around 12

Our roomates found her another client. Another 30 pounds –  170 so far.

3. Around 15

They found another client who paid 70, but convinced her to let him pee on her….She actually came with the idea. Her share – 50. 220 so far.

5. Around 17

She had another client in the shower. 250 so far.

6. Around 19

She was fucking two of our colleagues at one of theirs home. Also client, they paid 150, which she kept, so 400 so far.

I got way to excited about her weekend, yet completely scared. She was so high and tired and happy about her 400 pounds made in a day. People started to look in a weird way at me..

Hotwife challenges part 60

The next day

Amelie was telling me about the guy she slept with last night, while rubbing my dick under the blanket. I was feeling so proud cause I left her sunbathing naked on the rooftop. After we both came, we started getting real again and discussed this over again. It was the second week staying there and she already sucked four dicks and fucked one guy. We left the previous city to start fresh and that was definitely not what we were doing.

As I said, we were in the second week of uni

and she was already a trending topic. Our roomates and those two friends were quite excited trying to find her clients, but they weren’t so loud. The three guys who she sucked that day were texting her almost everyday, sending dick pics and stuff. Jeremy, the dancer guy, spoke to some of his friends probably, he seemed like the type. But more than that, she came to uni wearing something like that.

I could tell she wanted a fresh start, yet she was doing almost the same things as when she was an escort, a few weeks ago.

I knew her, though. She’s a nymphomaniac with the humiliation fetish. She’s horny almost all the time, therefore she loses herself. If I wanted to make a change, I had to take care of it myself. The problem was that I was losing myself too, when I was horny.

At afternoon

We were supposed to meet at the library to discuss with some colleagues. As I was at the table, reading something, she arrived a bit late, but made everyone’s jaw drop. She came in a dress so short she had to pull it lower every few seconds. I believe that wasn’t even a real dress. My heart was pumping like crazy feeling that everyone was checking her out…

To my surprise

A few minutes later, two of the guys she sucked joined the group too. They were very excited to see Amelie at the table, yet Amelie started the conversation with:

Amelie: Hey, this is my boyfriend.

They went pale and awkward, therefore I realised they didn’t know she had a boyfriend at that time.

The weird part for me was that I had to leave that weekend

I had to fix some things related to a project that could really made us some money in our previous town. She said she’ll come to me, but I decided to go alone. I wanted to think things through. I told her she should truly benefit from the absolute free pass i’m giving her for that days and when I come back, we should try changing something.

I took my car and left that afternoon.

Right after I left, her phone started to ring

Jeremy texted her. The guy with the pool house texted her. The three guys from the upper floor too. I’ll never forget how she told me about those days. She was tired so she stayed inside the room that night, with our roomates and their friends. They bought a few beers and played a little truth or dare hoping they’ll fall asleep soon. It didn’t happen.

They got drunk

and called their friends from the upper floor too, which came with another group of people So there she was, drunk, playing truth or dare with 11 guys, while I was out of town.

After a while

She got dared to choose a guy and give him a handjob for a few seconds, so she did.

She was dared

to flash her body in front of everyone there, therefore she actually showed her pussy, asshole and boobs to those guys.
That was the most that happened that night, besides kissing, touching and other playful games.

Day two

She was already quite drunk by 16:00, at a terrace party at some guy’s place. We were texting and she was telling me how naughty she’s been last night and how drunk she is now. I dared her to pull her pants lower and let guys see her body. She loved that. That accidental ass crack. It was her move.

She was already in a bra and short jeans so now that she pulled them even lower, made her insanely naked. She texts me then:

Amelie: oops! I broke the button from my pants!
Me: Fuck, that’s awesome. Everyone will get an even better look at your panties.
Amelie: Nope, it’s not, I’m not wearing panties.
Me: really?!
Amelie: Yeah…
Me: Ok, stay with me on the phone and walk to the other side of the terrace. Don’t pull your pants on the way there.

She was laughing.

As she got up her pants fell a little so she got back down. From what she tells me, her ass looked something like that:

I believe her

cause while she was on the phone with me I heard someone say:

Someone: Amelie, darling, you’re turning us all on!

He seemed sleezy.

Amelie: oops, I’m sorry, my button broke.
someone: Oh baby, don’t worry.

He got way closer. She pulled her pants ashamed and everyone was looking towards her.
Him: Not wearing panties?
Amelie: ummm…no..
Him: Do you need anything? Let me take you out of here.

He took his shirt off and gave it to her. She got it on and removed her pants, wearing his shirt like a dress.

They left the terrace together

Amelie: I’m Amelie. Thank you!
Josh: I know who you are. I’m Josh.
Amelie: How do you know?
Josh: My neighbours told me about you.

She blushed, hoping he wasn’t talking about the guys from the upper floor.

Amelie: What…did they tell you?
Josh: About what you done with them…in the know.
Amelie: Oh…
Josh: Don’t worry about it. Everyone gotta make money somehow, isn’t it?
Amelie: Yeah, I needed some money..
After small chats…

Josh: If you need some money, I know a guy that could pay you lots.
Amelie: Yeah? What would I have to do?
Josh: Not much…just let him take some shots of you for his music video.

He said that while typing a number.

Josh: yo, man, I think I found your girl! …Yeah. Cool. See ya!
Amelie: What was that?
Josh: Let’s meet with him tomorrow around noon.

She said ok.

Hotwife challenges part 59

The next day

Amelie got invited to that guy again, this time by the guys from the upper floor, who she sucked last time. I had another interview that night, so I told our roomates to go with her again. Their relationship changed a lot, they were feeling like her pimps, nevertheless. As they arrived, they blend in and took a pill each.

As she was getting higher and drunker

she felt the need to enter the pool. The guys followed her obviously, being super protective of her. I don’t know how they got there, but at some point, someone played the track Gasolina, and everyone yelled and wooed as Amelie started to dance on it in the pool. I’m so sorry I missed that, the guy that invited her was like “twerk it, baby” and everyone was watching her.

The guy got next to her

and danced along. She slowly rolled her bikini off, exposing her butt and everyone cheered harder. When he saw that, he pulled it even lower..

He pulled her out of the pool

And danced with her sticking their bodies together in front of everyone. She was so wet and her butt was shiny.

Guy: Turn the music louder!

so they did, and he started faking some sex moves next to her butt, while she was twerking. She sat on a chiar and kept on twerking while he was playing with her.

He took his beer and spilled it on her butt

and she shaked it further. Then he got so excited, he literally pulled her bikini so low, her asshole and pussy were visible. Everyone cheered harder, again and they were so happy cause she kept on twerking.

In a few minutes

the moment passed and she got back to our roomates and friends. They were almost speechless after what they witnessed.

The weird part

started when I arrived at the party too. Amelie came to me and kissed me and they were all looking at me very weird. I didn’t know at that time why. The guys that paid Amelie for blowjobs were looking so worried. Amelie then told me about her dancing episode. I guess no one knew if I knew about her, therefore no one knew how to react. There were something that was turning me on so much about that situation, don’t know why. I was tired anyway, so I told her:
Me: I think I’m gonna go to the dorm.
Amelie: I’m coming with you.
Me: Nah, stay here.
Amelie: I really don’t want to.
Me: I want you too. Do this dare. Get extra naughty after I leave.
Amelie:..mmm, ok…

I left and she took another pill

She got in the pool and made her classic move – pulled her bikini lower, she was so turned on. As she got out of the pool, her bikini got even lower. She didn’t bother pulling them back up, so she found herself with half of her butt hanging out, pretending she doesn’t know, high and drunk as hell. The problem is she wasn’t at the hotel anymore, she was at a college party. She wasn’t an escort anymore, she was a student.

She started chatting with the dancer guy

Him: Was that your boyfriend?
Amelie, dizzy: Yeah…
Him, a bit awkward: Umm…nice, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend..

Everyone was passing by and watching her butt, yet no one knew what to say

The next day

Amelie saw her tan lines and said she might need to sunbathe to properly. I told her I know just the place and took her to the roof. There was no one there ever and it was so sunny so I got her out of her clothes and applied lotion on her. She was thanking me, yet I felt quite weird that day. That’s why when I left, I took her clothes with me, leaving her naked on the rooftop and she didn’t even know.

As we were chatting through texts

we talked about last night and what happened. I told her she should text the dancer guy to meet on the roof, therefore she did.

Amelie: Hey I’m sorry if I got too wasted last night. I’m on the roof of the dorms, wanna join for a sunbathing session?
He didn’t respond yet arrived in 10 minutes..

Amelie: Fuck, why didn’t you say something?
Guy: I don’t know, i was in the dorm, so I just came.
Amelie: Fuck, where are my clothes?!

Him: i don’t know. where are them?
Amelie: Can you please give me your towel?

He threw it at her.

Him: How did you end up here naked?
Amelie: I think i have a clue…

She covered the top part of her body with the towel, leaving her butt naked

Amelie: Can I keep it?
Guy: You can, of course.
After some flirting and chatting, they decided to go to his room. When they entered, his roomates got a good look at Amelie covered in that guy’s towel. They laughed and got out of the room, and Amelie sat on the couch. He came next to her, pulled her towel off and kissed her passionately.

She got on all fours and started sucking his dick

And than he turned her around and fucked her quite good, she came two times. She easily cums.

He gave her a good cumshot on her back and ass

and spent the next 30 or 40 minutes together, until she left.
She called me and told me all about it.. I was mesmerized and suprised cause I haven’t expected it. It felt like this dorm experience was gonna be hardcore.

Hotwife challenges part 58

The next day

We and Amelie tried to fuck but there’s was so many people coming in and out of our room. We haven’t spoken about last night yet, it still seemed as a joke. We went to school while being very horny, among our roomates. Right before we enter, he gets a text from the guy from last night:

Guy: So it’s still on for tonight?

He showed us the text and asked what to respond. I looked at Amelie and responded laughing:

Me: Tell him Yes.
Therefore he did.
Roomate: So what will we tell him tonight?
He was still thinking we’re joking.
Me: I don’t know. We’ll see at the truth or dare game. We play tonight too?
Roomate: Yeah!

The next thing we did was creating a whatsapp group with our roomates and their two friends

We liked them. They were nerdy and trust worthy. The group was called Truth or Dare.

On the chat group:

Me: Where are you, Amelie?
Amelie: Going to the have a coffee, i have a few hours off.
Me: Truth or dare?
Amelie: Dare!
Me: Walk with your butt crack out!
Roomate: Uhhhh…
Amelie: What makes you think I wasn’t already? 🙂
Roomate: haha..really?
Amelie: Yeah, those jeans are quite small 😛

The other ones from the group went to have coffee with her, I was in class. They seemed to have fun with this side of us and we felt so comfortable with them. I texted them:
Me: Is she doing her dare?
Roomate: Yep!
Amelie: I am 🙂
Me: Show me.
He sends me a photo..
Me: Dare for you! Send this photo to the guy from tonight.

He did.

That night

While they were playing Truth or Dare in the room, that guy texted again. Our roomates and their friends were having such a laugh about it, thinking we’re totally screwing this guy. He texts:
Him: I don’t have 100 pounds today. I have 50.
We: 50 works for a blowjob only.
Him: Awesome! Where do we meet?
We: Meet with her in the showers from third floor.
Him: Going.

Amelie looked at me so hungry. I looked at her back as sign of approval. She left the room and our roomates were laughing.

I couldn’t believe that was happening

I was so hard and trying to sit down so it’s not obvious.

She got to the showers and met with him

They introduced eachother and had a little small chat. Amelie did this before, but this time was so different. He seemed tense.
Amelie: Do you mind if I take my clothes off?
Him: Not at all…
She strips and so does he.
Amelie: Relax..

And takes his dick in her mouth.

With her knees on the cold floor

She gave that guy an amazing blowjob. She licked every inch of his dick and balls and he came in her mouth.

She got up and exchanged some words, then he paid her 50 pounds and split.

As she entered the room

The guys looked at her fascinated.
Roomate: You didn’t do it, right?
She looked at me and showed us the 50 pounds.
Roomate, shocked: You’re joking…
Me: I guess 20 pounds are yours..
Amelie, laughing: Oh yes. Here you go!

And gave him 20 pounds. He was still in shock, but his phone ringed:

That guy: Hey, she was great. Thanks for the tip. Can I pass the tip to my friend too?
Roomate,  shocked: Ummm…yeah.

While they were still asking a million questions, his phone rings:

Other guy: Hey, just spoken with J. Can I meet with Amelie? Same deal? Andrew wants too, after that.
Me: Tell him Yes.

Amelie was laughing…I was almost cumming in my pants.

They set the meeting point at the same bathroom

So Amelie went there and met with him.

The same chit-chat, she gets naked, he gets naked. She gives him the blowjob of his life and he cums all over her.

She cleans up of all the cum and he takes her back to their room, where there was the guy from before and their roomate. There were three guys in that room, Amelie sucked all their dicks in one afternoon. The other two went out and left her with that guy. She got naked again and sucked his dick until he came in her mouth.

She returned to the room

Showing us the 100 pounds she just made, therefore everyone’s jaws dropped. He gave our nerdy roomate 40 pounds and the other ones were like:

Them: Hey, now we wanna make money too. How comes we’re not getting anything?
Me: Well, he brought the client 🙂
Them: Well, hold up…
Me: I guess we can all make money and have fun if we keep playing truth or dare like that.
Them: How can we get clients? Can it be anyone?
Me: No, it should be people we can trust, obviously.

Hotwife challenges part 57

After that night

We really bonded with our roomates. They were clearly in love with Amelie, but knew she was way out of their league. Yet, they seemed to be the traditional relationship type.

So when Amelioe got invited by some guy to a party

She told me while they were in the room. I had an interview that afternoon so I told them to take her. That guy was a total fuckboy, he probably invited her cause he seen her butt crack or something.

When they arrived at his place

they sat at the back terrace, spent the afternoon with colleagues, having drinks and chats.

Amelie changed into a sexy bathing suit, which was nice since no one changed in swimming suits, yet there was a pool there. She was flirting with the host, under the protective looks of our roomates. They seemed to be constantly checking on her, feeling weird that she’s so touchy and flirty with that guy.

Later that day

she and our roomates wanted to leave, so on the way home, they started playing truth or dare. Funny enough, it was one of them’s idea and he seemed quite shy asking:
Him: Do you remember the dare from when we played last time?
Amelie: Which one?
Him: Ummm… the one when you walked with your butt out….
Amelie,laughing: Oh, yeah..
Him: Well…ummm…
Amelie: Well..are you daring me?
Him: I dare you…

Amelie pulled her pants up really high

Amelie: Is it ok like this?
Him,laughing: Hell yeah!
Amelie: So we don’t get a ticket for public nudity…
Him: Yes, we wouldn’t want that.

They got back to the room

and kept drinking and playing truth or dare. A few minutes later, two of their friends came too and joined the room.
When I arrived too, I entered the room to find Amelie with 4 guys playing this game…her jeans were so low and her panties so visible. I was like “Fuck, were you trying to fuck all of them?”
Me: I wanna play too!

My first dare to one of the new guys was

Me: Give Amelie a wedgie!
He laughed and got up while Amelie got in position as well. All their eyes got so big seeing how happy is Amelie to do this. He pulled her panties up her jeans and she yelled a little.
Amelie: Next dare! I dare you to send a picture of that to your hottest friend.
Everyone went “Ohhh”..

He got next to her

and she pulled her pants off. He started pulling her thong and taking pictures.
Amelie: Who are you sending it to?
Guy: This guy.
Amelie: Uhh.. Send him one like this!

And pulled her panties off..

I was like “Fuck….”

I was so horny

And the alcohol was making me even worse.

We receive a text from the guy we sent the picture to:

Him: Who’s this gurl?
Guy: a girl from our dorm.
Him: What about her?
Me: Tell him she’s your whore and he can fuck her for 100 pounds.
Guy: Well.. you can fuck her for 100 pounds.
Him: Really? :))
Guy: yeah…

They thought we were joking…and we were, sort of.
Him: How can I get in touch with her?
Guy, getting cocky: Through me, only.
Him: Cool, tomorrow night, how’s that?
Guy: Allright. I’ll come with details.

We all had a good laugh about it.

Hotwife challenges part 56

After that night

We started packing and prepared to leave, as we were moving to a new town to continue our education. As we were driving, she deleted all of her nudes from social media and we were thinking we could start fresh. We decided to stay at the student accomodation at first and maybe later on we would’ve get a bigger place. Since she wasn’t an escort anymore and I quit my job, we had to find work asap. We still had some money left though.

When we got to the dorms

We found out that the kitchen and the bathrooms are shared and to our surprise, the bathroom as public as hell. As in boys and girls had a common bathroom too. There were separate sections, yet there were common ones too. We looked at eachother and had a kinky feeling at first 🙂


As we were choosing our room

we chose one that had two beds left. In that room there were two guys checked in already, that’s why we chose that one. We shared a look and did it. We were joking about “Hah, I thought we don’t want to this type of stuff anymore”, and to be honest, to be in a university where almost everyone have had sex with your girlfriend is a challenge.

We met with our roomates and with some of our classmates

and one morning, we were at the library. Amelie was about to come too and when she arrived, I introduced her to the group. She said she has a class in a few minutes so we only chit chatted for a short while and then she left. When she did, we all looked at her and… Boom.

A good part of her butt crack was hanging out so clearly and she was wearing a short top.. I was wondering if she was doing it on purpose, or she doesn’t know about it. Everyone looked at her. I was so turned on, so I texted her:

Me: Was it on purpose?
Amelie: What?
Me: Your buttcrack…
Amelie: I don’t know what you’re talking about 🙂
Me: You’re horny, are you?
Amelie: Fuck yes!
Me: Where are you going?
Amelie: To class.
Me: Allright, don’t pull your pants. Walk like that!
Amelie: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah!
Amelie: Ok.

I was so turned on…

that night we fucked under the blankets until our roomates came in. They were two guys, both very nerdy but very friendly.  It was very easy to be friends with them, so that night we had a drink and chatted about everything. About 3, 4 hours in, we were drunk and playing truth or dare, making pranks on other rooms and having fun. As none of us came earlier, cause our sex got stopped by them, we were really horny and now drunk too. It was Amelie’s turn to get dared, but I said we’ll do the dare on the way to the store, cause we were out of beer. As we were going out, I dared her to walk with her butt out.
They got silenced imediatelly, and got really loud when she actually did it, laughing.

They were so funny

Trying to protect Amelie, they were going in front to see if there’s anyone coming.

As it was one of theirs turn, I dared him to take a photo of her and put it as wallpaper on his phone. He was very excited about it.

We said we weren’t gonna do this again, and here we are. She is flashing her ass, cause I dared her to, and those two nerds are taking photos of it..

Hotwife challenges part 55

After that night

Me and Amelie ended up fucking all morning in her hotel room. We talked it out and got back together. She texted her bf, telling him about it and he hasn’t responded at that time. We also decided, since we’ve been through so many, to skip town and continue our education. It was the time to stop the escort thing and this crazy lifestyle.

She packed her stuff from the hotel

And I waited for her downstairs as she was talking terms with the owners. They were absolutely depressed that their money-maker was leaving, but took it quite well and professional. Her (now) ex, on the other hand, didn’t at all.

He got drunk and started texting her constantly, he even became threatning at some point. We were at home, really enjoying the fact that we got back together, feeling stronger than ever, yet he was texting and texting and texting. She texted him that’s she’s sorry he feels that way but he should get over it, but he did not.

A few hours later

On a whatsapp group with almost all the friends and colleagues from our year, he posted some photos of Amelie. Then he did the same in other groups, on facebook, whatsapp and telegram, we were in some of them. Probably not in all of them…

He added the caption: ‘Photos from my photoshoot of Amelie’

Some people told him to fuck off, some were very excited about it. There was a group, in which I was too, that got into a really weird conversation about that.

Him: Wanna see the rest?

She seemed a little upset

but also seemed like she didn’t care. Our colleagues kind of knew about how crazy we were. But he kept on going….

Him: Here you have some photos taken by a client. She’s an escort working at hotel ***, not really getting paid for it since she fucks whatever she can.

He was really angry, therefore really trying getting to her. Or us. I texted him:

Me: It’s ok to know when to stop.
Him: It’s ok to know when to stop too!
Me: What should I stop?
Him: You have no idea who you’re dealing with.
*He sends me two photos*
Him: That’s how I took her out a few nights ago, dude! We had dinner at the hotel restaurant, then danced on the terrace. Yeah, your sweet innocent girlfriend was rubbing her body to some guys crotch, with her tits and pussy hanging out!

I didn’t say anything.
Him: Then she made two guys cum only using her mouth. Trust me, man, you don’t know her!

I looked at her

She was feeling so bad. We tried talking about it and it was kind of hard for a few minutes, but finally I understood what I should do.
Me, laughing: Did you really go out like that?
Amelie, looking down: Yeah…
We said I love you a hundred times that night.

As we didn’t said anything, he went back on that group and kept posting pictures of her:

Then we said Fuck that

I pulled her closer and stripped her, took some photos of her butt and posted them from her phone with the caption “Enjoy that you low-lifers”

I’m sure half of the guys from that group jerked off to photos of Amelie that night. Her ex stopped posting after that and the topic got closed.