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Hotwife challenges part 53

The next few days were…interesting. I heard about their party from colleagues, therefore I heard about Amelie’s group sex with all those guys. So I guess that was the theme of those days. I was working and I kept hearing from someone that they went to her bf’s place, and found her wearing something ridiculous.

I don’t think many people know the feeling you have when a colleague tells you how they found your girlfriend wearing something see through with no panties, explaining very detail-oriented how her ass was visible through her clothes. That was their game. He was inviting people over and was making her wear the most slutty clothes. Super hot, indeed, but I always wanted to protect Amelie and not share with people we know or colleagues this side of her sexuality. Apparently, he didn’t. She didn’t either, since she slept with almost every guy in our study group.

Some people were texting me telling me about her, but at some point, it was almost hard to listen to.

Her instagram was getting sluttier and sluttier again, just like a few months ago. We still have some of her posts:

Basically, her content was absolutely explicit, no doubt about that. The situation,though, was that she wasn’t only naked on social media, she was almost naked all the fucking time. Her bf posted on the uni group that he’s throwing a pool party at his dad’s house. I was like “fuck, she’s gonna go there fucking naked…”.
I attended the party and as I was walking in, I exptected to see her wearing a slim thong or even nothing at all. And I saw her. She was wearing a robe over her swim suit. I was so curious what’s underneath it…

She took it off and there it was. Some normal underwear, a bit see through, but not too much. Innapropiate, but much better than expected. As she sat down at the pool, people were focusing on x-raying her nipples definitely.

I wouldn’t have noticed if some guy didn’t shout it out loud

She was wearing a butt plug! Her panties were see through and she was wearing a fucking butt plug! I don’t know if many people know that feeling. To see your girlfriend wearing a butt plug next to your colleagues. It’s unique. It’s rough, yet beautiful. Later on, when I saw her getting her bra off while some guys cheered, I left. She didn’t see me that day.

Hotwife challanges part 52

She didn’t came home that night

Cause she went at her ex’s place.

Ex: Why don’t you come back with me? You know you had fun while you were here. I let you fuck with all those guys.
Amelie: My boyfriend lets me fuck with whoever I want also.
Ex: Yeah, but I was bringing guys to you. He doesn’t do that. He accepts it, he doesn’t do what I do.

He started fucking her.

ex: tell me you re coming back!
amelie: fuckk…..ok.

She had an orgasm. He took it out and came on her. I woke up finding two photos of her on HIS instagram! In one of them she was pulling her pants lower, in the other she had her pants fully off! I was like What the hell is this? She’s not even wearing panties.. He even tagged her.. It felt weird to see my girlfriend showing off her ass on social media, even if she done it before.

Later that day

I thought about calling her, but then she posted on social media again. This time on her profile and she tagged him.

I texted her “How can you post your ass on social media like that? Fuck, you’re posting your ass in those slim panties, the fuck is wrong with you?”

She didn’t replied, yet less then 10 minutes later she posted something like that.

I stopped texting her right then.

The next few days were just weird. I was hearing things about her from different sources, yet I found out the whole story when we got back together, which was a long time after that. Basically, the story went something like that:

Amelie and her ex, which was her boyfriend now,(who, btw, was a dom bull hotwife enthusiast like me, in case you don’t remember), spent a few days together. She stayed at his place and he was very excited about that. He always loved Amelie’s slutty side. Last time they dated, he posted an ad on craiglist looking for black guys to fuck her while he watched. He is a tall, good looking, rich guy, only quite sick and in love with Amelie cause she was fullfilling his deepest desires.

He loved the life he had with her and always told her that. That day, it was sunday, he told her to stay at his place cause there’ll be a colleague from work coming over and she should greet him. He told her to wear something ridiculous and try fucking him, if she can.

Her pants looked something like that

So when the guy arrived, she was all flirty and nice. He recognized her from his instagram and it took around 25 minutes to get in the bedroom. He was telling her about his day, while she was moving her hand on his body, pretending to listen to what he’s saying. She unzipped his pants and he didn’t said anything about it, kept on going about his day, therefore she started rubbing his dick.

Amelie: May I?

He pulled his boxers lower as an approval, and she sucked his dick. He came before he could even take her clothes off and gave her his load straight in her throat. She swallowed.

The next day

He called her and told her to come by his office, therefore she did. When she arrived, the receptionist told her that he’s ready for her job interview and told her what room to go to. So she did. And there he was along side with a colleague of his.
Ex: Amelie, we have a meeting in 30 minutes. Do you think you can make both of us cum in this time?
Amelie blushed.

They fucked her for half and hour together. He came in her mouth as her colleague took his condom out, rubbed his dick with lube and fucked her in the ass with no condom until he came in her ass..
Ex: We gotta go, there’s a car waiting for you downstairs. It’ll take you home. I’ll meet you there.

He grabbed all her clothes and went out of the room.

Amelie: HEY!
Before she could do anything, she was left naked in that office, somewhere on the fifth floor.

She looked on the balcony

And there was no car waiting for her downstairs, therefore she called her boyfriend.
Amelie: This isn’t funny, you know?
Boyfriend: Come on, baby, I know you don’t have a problem with being seen naked, do you?
Amelie: Are you insane? Bring me back my clothes now!!
BF: I took them to the car. Just go downstairs!
Amelie: There’s no car!
BF: In the back of the building.

She slowly opened the office door. There was a long hallway towards the elevator. She thought about calling me, but felt too bad to do it, therefore she took her phone and ran towards the elevator. Praying for it to be empty while she was waiting for it, the elevator doors opened and voila! It was empty. She pressed the Main lobby button and the moment the doors opened again, she ran to the entrance not looking at the receptionists and the people talking in the lobby. Everyone saw that but it was too fast for anyone to do anything.

She went outside the building. Luckly, his office was not in a very popular area of the city. She ran to the back of the building and there was absolutely no car..She called him again.
Amelie: There’s no car here! Are you insane? I can get arrested, you idiot!
BF: Relax, baby..It’ll arrive.
Amelie: You said you left my clothes to the car!!
BF: Amelie, darling, I’m entering the meeting. Give it maximum 5 minutes, the car will be there.
In her despair, she dialed my number but didn’t call. The next option for her was to call the owner of the hotel, therefore she did, telling him that for some reason she’s completely naked behind that office and she needs a ride as soon as possible. He laughed and told her he’ll be there in 15. Amelie hanged up.

Next to the building, there was a construction site

So she went inside hiding behind some bricks. As she was bending, cum spilled off her ass.. The owner called finally and she went outside her hiding place, running towards their car, ignoring the group of a few corporate guys watching her crossing the street. She was covering her boobs and pussy and made it to the car.

She told the owners everything

As they were laughing their asses off, they arrived at the hotel. She went to her room and found some clothes to wear and spent the rest of the day camming. At night, her bf came in her room with flowers and xtc. She was very pissed at him, but it didn’t took long until they got high together and started having sex. He told her that his birthday is the day before that one and he just wanted to start having fun. His birthday is where everything got really fucked up.

He organized a party at the hotel terrace, since he was good friends with the owners. Inviting everyone he knew, the invitation got to me as well. As people were coming in, he made sure Amelie was feeling happy and was very high. By the time the clock was around 20, he told her that his perfect gift would be if she would just relax for the night and let anyone do anything to her. He pulled her dress higher and sticked two fingers in her vagina, right in the moment when I came in. As I saw that, I turned around and left and she felt bad about it.
BF: No, baby, don’t let that ruin your night…Here, take this.
And gave her another pill which she took without thinking.
BF: What do you want? to go home or to stay here and enjoy your sexuality?
Amelie: Um….
BF: You’re beautiful, you’re young, you’re fun, you’re high as hell…don’t do this. Give me my birthday gift, you know it would be much better for the both of us.


By the time the clock ticked 23,

she was in the bathroom, while two guys were fucking her together. She didn’t know their names, neither could remember it. They peed on her together and came in her mouth.

Around 00:30, she was in the living room trying to fit 4 cocks in her mouth…A total of 10 guys fucked her in the ass, mouth and pussy that day, including her bf, the owners and one of our university colleagues.

She passed out covered in cum and piss and woke up 12 hours later.

Hotwife challenges part 51

Later that night, I called her but got no answer. I had to find out again from the same colleague that they’re all in a club and she’s even more wasted than she was earlier. I decided to go for it one more time, therefore I went to the club. When I got there, I was stunned, again..

There she was… dancing next to the djs with her nipple hanging out..

She didn’t saw me. Some guy was dancing sticked to her and he grabbed her breast and pulled it completely out of the dress. I left for a few minutes but couldn’t make it very far, I had to return. I don’t know why. As I entered the club again, I saw her.

The guy dancing with her was her ex. There were the hotel owners as well…I felt a little left out, so I left again.  Later that night, from what I’ve found out long after that, she went to the bathroom with her ex and she tried to pee, but coulnd’t. He left the door open and to their surprise, a high dude was watching her constantly.

Ex: What’s up, buddy? Looking at my girl? Enjoying yourself?
Him: Ummm….kind of..
Ex: Get in then….
He got in.
Ex: Well? Come on, cum for her…
Him: May I?
Ex: Yeah, take it out.
Amelie didn’t say a word.
Ex: Come on, Amelie, show this guy something.

She got up and took her dress off, showing her breasts to them..He started to jerk off harder…
Ex: Come on, babe, give him more. You see him struggling…
She turned around and pulled her panties off, revealing her ass to him.

He was still trying to cum and she was slowly twerking her ass..Her ex was having a blast watching this.
Ex: He cannot cum..Amelie, talk to him!
Amelie: Come on, baby! Cum for my ass..Do you want to cum on me?
Him: Yeah..
Amelie: Come here.

He came closer. She opened her ass.

Amelie: Cum right on my asshole, baby!

Someone knocked on the door. They were kind of using one of the two bathrooms in the club.
Ex: Let’s go to the car! Now!

As they entered the parking place, he took his cock out again.

They both fucked her on and next to the car.

Hotwife challenges part 50

Around our graduation day…

Amelie organized a party for our colleagues and friends at the terrace from the hotel. I had to go to work that day and was supposed to come right after. Before we left our ways, I dared her she picks a short dress and no panties for the day, therefore she laughed at my idea.

A few hours later, I get a text from a colleague telling me Amelie is absolutely wasted. I was like “Fuck, she’s probably not wearing panties while being absolutely wasted”…

I texted her “OMW”

but I got no response. When I got to the last floor, the elevator doors opened and I got into the room. Everyone was laughing and partying, the smell of alcohol was uncanny. It took me less then a few minutes to find her and my jaw dropped. She was wearing a dress so short that half of her ass was out and a bra….I didn’t believe my eyes.

I immediately went to her

Me: Darling, don’t you think you’re a bit too naked? I mean…our colleagues and teachers are here…
Amelie laughed. She was wasted, indeed.
Me: Don’t you want to go change in something?
Amelie didn’t respond, but kept on laughing and dancing next to me..Everyone was looking at her..She was the most drunk person there and the most naked too.
Amelie, laughing: I’m so drunk….
Me: Fuck, what have you done while I was away?
Amelie: I danced…I’ll go change, baby, of course….I left my bag at the reception and I have my key there…

She went to the hallway and next to the empty reception. There were some guys that cheered her and she with them. As she got to the counter, she bended over it to get her bag and it hit me:


It was such a slap in the face

She literally showed her asshole and pussy to everyone at the reception. Those guys came to her and they all started talking to her. I was so confused, should I go there, should I not? She seemed to have a good time and even forget why she went at the reception at all.

Some guy told her she’s drunk and she should have some water and relax a bit. He took her by the waist and walked with her to the bar. I left to the balcony, but kept an eye on them. She sat down and her butt was so still visible. The next moment, her ex boyfriend came to them. They started talking and he grabbed her ass…I didn’t know what to do…

It was quite an exquisite image. He was grabbing her ass and everyone was seeing her asshole, but I felt so weird at that moment. I finished my drink and went out. Haven’t spoken to her since the next day around 15:00.

The night went something like this….

She went in her room with her ex and that guy

“For old time sake”, her ex was very demanding and told her what to do and she obliged, obviously. He gave her a pill, also.

Ex: Would you help me friend relax, Amelie?
Amelie, being so tipsy: I might….

She got down on her knees and unzipped his pants. Taking his cock out, she started sucking it instantly.

Ex: Me and Amelie were friends with benefits for a while, did you know?
Him: Ummm…I thought she was with that guy….
Ex: Well…she’s been with many guys, is that right, Amelie?

She moaned with his cock in her mouth.

Ex: How many guys…do you know, Amelie?
Amelie, moaning: I don’t know…
Ex: She works as an escort right in this hotel.
Him, laughing: really? Are you gonna charge me for this one, Amelie?
Ex: Ah, don’t worry. This one is from the house, right, Amelie?
Him, laughing: What are you? Her pimp?
Ex: I might as well just be, but I handle her pro bono cases now. Do you want to fuck her?
Him: Hell yeah..

He fucked her in the ass only

But took his cock out before he came and shove it in her throat…Her ex was waiting on the balcony. He came in her mouth and she sat on the bed after that, while he was thanking her and getting dressed. As he walked out the room, her ex came out of the balcony and jumped on her. He fucked her for 5 minutes and they both came. He covered her back and ass with cum and left her there for a few minutes.