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The next day

Amelie got invited to that guy again, this time by the guys from the upper floor, who she sucked last time. I had another interview that night, so I told our roomates to go with her again. Their relationship changed a lot, they were feeling like her pimps, nevertheless. As they arrived, they blend in and took a pill each.

As she was getting higher and drunker

she felt the need to enter the pool. The guys followed her obviously, being super protective of her. I don’t know how they got there, but at some point, someone played the track Gasolina, and everyone yelled and wooed as Amelie started to dance on it in the pool. I’m so sorry I missed that, the guy that invited her was like “twerk it, baby” and everyone was watching her.

The guy got next to her

and danced along. She slowly rolled her bikini off, exposing her butt and everyone cheered harder. When he saw that, he pulled it even lower..

He pulled her out of the pool

And danced with her sticking their bodies together in front of everyone. She was so wet and her butt was shiny.

Guy: Turn the music louder!

so they did, and he started faking some sex moves next to her butt, while she was twerking. She sat on a chiar and kept on twerking while he was playing with her.

He took his beer and spilled it on her butt

and she shaked it further. Then he got so excited, he literally pulled her bikini so low, her asshole and pussy were visible. Everyone cheered harder, again and they were so happy cause she kept on twerking.

In a few minutes

the moment passed and she got back to our roomates and friends. They were almost speechless after what they witnessed.

The weird part

started when I arrived at the party too. Amelie came to me and kissed me and they were all looking at me very weird. I didn’t know at that time why. The guys that paid Amelie for blowjobs were looking so worried. Amelie then told me about her dancing episode. I guess no one knew if I knew about her, therefore no one knew how to react. There were something that was turning me on so much about that situation, don’t know why. I was tired anyway, so I told her:
Me: I think I’m gonna go to the dorm.
Amelie: I’m coming with you.
Me: Nah, stay here.
Amelie: I really don’t want to.
Me: I want you too. Do this dare. Get extra naughty after I leave.
Amelie:..mmm, ok…

I left and she took another pill

She got in the pool and made her classic move – pulled her bikini lower, she was so turned on. As she got out of the pool, her bikini got even lower. She didn’t bother pulling them back up, so she found herself with half of her butt hanging out, pretending she doesn’t know, high and drunk as hell. The problem is she wasn’t at the hotel anymore, she was at a college party. She wasn’t an escort anymore, she was a student.

She started chatting with the dancer guy

Him: Was that your boyfriend?
Amelie, dizzy: Yeah…
Him, a bit awkward: Umm…nice, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend..

Everyone was passing by and watching her butt, yet no one knew what to say

The next day

Amelie saw her tan lines and said she might need to sunbathe to properly. I told her I know just the place and took her to the roof. There was no one there ever and it was so sunny so I got her out of her clothes and applied lotion on her. She was thanking me, yet I felt quite weird that day. That’s why when I left, I took her clothes with me, leaving her naked on the rooftop and she didn’t even know.

As we were chatting through texts

we talked about last night and what happened. I told her she should text the dancer guy to meet on the roof, therefore she did.

Amelie: Hey I’m sorry if I got too wasted last night. I’m on the roof of the dorms, wanna join for a sunbathing session?
He didn’t respond yet arrived in 10 minutes..

Amelie: Fuck, why didn’t you say something?
Guy: I don’t know, i was in the dorm, so I just came.
Amelie: Fuck, where are my clothes?!

Him: i don’t know. where are them?
Amelie: Can you please give me your towel?

He threw it at her.

Him: How did you end up here naked?
Amelie: I think i have a clue…

She covered the top part of her body with the towel, leaving her butt naked

Amelie: Can I keep it?
Guy: You can, of course.
After some flirting and chatting, they decided to go to his room. When they entered, his roomates got a good look at Amelie covered in that guy’s towel. They laughed and got out of the room, and Amelie sat on the couch. He came next to her, pulled her towel off and kissed her passionately.

She got on all fours and started sucking his dick

And than he turned her around and fucked her quite good, she came two times. She easily cums.

He gave her a good cumshot on her back and ass

and spent the next 30 or 40 minutes together, until she left.
She called me and told me all about it.. I was mesmerized and suprised cause I haven’t expected it. It felt like this dorm experience was gonna be hardcore.

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