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The next day

Amelie was telling me about the guy she slept with last night, while rubbing my dick under the blanket. I was feeling so proud cause I left her sunbathing naked on the rooftop. After we both came, we started getting real again and discussed this over again. It was the second week staying there and she already sucked four dicks and fucked one guy. We left the previous city to start fresh and that was definitely not what we were doing.

As I said, we were in the second week of uni

and she was already a trending topic. Our roomates and those two friends were quite excited trying to find her clients, but they weren’t so loud. The three guys who she sucked that day were texting her almost everyday, sending dick pics and stuff. Jeremy, the dancer guy, spoke to some of his friends probably, he seemed like the type. But more than that, she came to uni wearing something like that.

I could tell she wanted a fresh start, yet she was doing almost the same things as when she was an escort, a few weeks ago.

I knew her, though. She’s a nymphomaniac with the humiliation fetish. She’s horny almost all the time, therefore she loses herself. If I wanted to make a change, I had to take care of it myself. The problem was that I was losing myself too, when I was horny.

At afternoon

We were supposed to meet at the library to discuss with some colleagues. As I was at the table, reading something, she arrived a bit late, but made everyone’s jaw drop. She came in a dress so short she had to pull it lower every few seconds. I believe that wasn’t even a real dress. My heart was pumping like crazy feeling that everyone was checking her out…

To my surprise

A few minutes later, two of the guys she sucked joined the group too. They were very excited to see Amelie at the table, yet Amelie started the conversation with:

Amelie: Hey, this is my boyfriend.

They went pale and awkward, therefore I realised they didn’t know she had a boyfriend at that time.

The weird part for me was that I had to leave that weekend

I had to fix some things related to a project that could really made us some money in our previous town. She said she’ll come to me, but I decided to go alone. I wanted to think things through. I told her she should truly benefit from the absolute free pass i’m giving her for that days and when I come back, we should try changing something.

I took my car and left that afternoon.

Right after I left, her phone started to ring

Jeremy texted her. The guy with the pool house texted her. The three guys from the upper floor too. I’ll never forget how she told me about those days. She was tired so she stayed inside the room that night, with our roomates and their friends. They bought a few beers and played a little truth or dare hoping they’ll fall asleep soon. It didn’t happen.

They got drunk

and called their friends from the upper floor too, which came with another group of people So there she was, drunk, playing truth or dare with 11 guys, while I was out of town.

After a while

She got dared to choose a guy and give him a handjob for a few seconds, so she did.

She was dared

to flash her body in front of everyone there, therefore she actually showed her pussy, asshole and boobs to those guys.
That was the most that happened that night, besides kissing, touching and other playful games.

Day two

She was already quite drunk by 16:00, at a terrace party at some guy’s place. We were texting and she was telling me how naughty she’s been last night and how drunk she is now. I dared her to pull her pants lower and let guys see her body. She loved that. That accidental ass crack. It was her move.

She was already in a bra and short jeans so now that she pulled them even lower, made her insanely naked. She texts me then:

Amelie: oops! I broke the button from my pants!
Me: Fuck, that’s awesome. Everyone will get an even better look at your panties.
Amelie: Nope, it’s not, I’m not wearing panties.
Me: really?!
Amelie: Yeah…
Me: Ok, stay with me on the phone and walk to the other side of the terrace. Don’t pull your pants on the way there.

She was laughing.

As she got up her pants fell a little so she got back down. From what she tells me, her ass looked something like that:

I believe her

cause while she was on the phone with me I heard someone say:

Someone: Amelie, darling, you’re turning us all on!

He seemed sleezy.

Amelie: oops, I’m sorry, my button broke.
someone: Oh baby, don’t worry.

He got way closer. She pulled her pants ashamed and everyone was looking towards her.
Him: Not wearing panties?
Amelie: ummm…no..
Him: Do you need anything? Let me take you out of here.

He took his shirt off and gave it to her. She got it on and removed her pants, wearing his shirt like a dress.

They left the terrace together

Amelie: I’m Amelie. Thank you!
Josh: I know who you are. I’m Josh.
Amelie: How do you know?
Josh: My neighbours told me about you.

She blushed, hoping he wasn’t talking about the guys from the upper floor.

Amelie: What…did they tell you?
Josh: About what you done with them…in the know.
Amelie: Oh…
Josh: Don’t worry about it. Everyone gotta make money somehow, isn’t it?
Amelie: Yeah, I needed some money..
After small chats…

Josh: If you need some money, I know a guy that could pay you lots.
Amelie: Yeah? What would I have to do?
Josh: Not much…just let him take some shots of you for his music video.

He said that while typing a number.

Josh: yo, man, I think I found your girl! …Yeah. Cool. See ya!
Amelie: What was that?
Josh: Let’s meet with him tomorrow around noon.

She said ok.

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