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The next day

She was woken up by our roomates who found her naked on the bed. They haven’t actually woken her up intentionally, they left her sleeping there naked. She woke up because of their loud chatting. I think it’s nice they actually had a conversation while Amelie was butt naked, sleeping next to them. As she woke up, she covered herself under the sheets, yet it was clearly just a show.

Later that day

she got a call from one of the guys she slept with last week, the one that told her about a photoshoot. He asked her if she’s alright discussing about it today and she said Yes. They met in front of the dorms, it was her, him and his roomate, and had a short drive until they arrived to a big house.

As they entered

The loud music was the first thing she noticed. She met with the people inside – James, Robert, Ethan and Austin. They were American and had a rock band. The first thing they did after introducing eachother were sniffing a line. So there she was, my girlfriend, doing dr*gs with a rock band she just met.

After some time

James explained to her their plan. They wanted to work with some incognito late-night music tv shows, where music videos are rather more erotic and they only air in certain countries. She listened to him fascinated.

James:….so if you will pass the audition, you might earn some money indeed. So, you ready?
Amelie: Now? Yeah.
James: perfect. The music video has multiple shots, but one of them is the woman dancing next to the motorcycle while raining. Are you ok with that?
Amelie: Yeah.
James: Allright, let’s try it out. Bring some clothes for Amelie!

She went in the bathroom and changed. As she return, they all went to the back garden, where there were multiple bikes.

James, laughing: It s just an audition today, so basically, we don’t have any rain, but we can use water bottles.
Amelie, shy: Allright..

They played the song on the speakers

and she tried dancing and playing around the bike.

Three of them were taping with professional cameras

while James and the dorm-mates were making photos with their phone.

The dancing went great, she is a slutty dancer, but for some reason, in her mind, she felt like she hasn’t surprised with anything yet. She asked herself if she should get naked or not, she thought about me, about the day before, about where she is…

And she did it..

She sat on the bike and pulled her pants lower.

The next minutes

she made those guys very happy by shaking her butt while they were spilling water on her.

AS the song ended

James: You so got the audition!
Amelie, laughing: Hah, Thank you!
James, looking in his colleague camera: Damn, I think there’s plenty of shots from today we’ll actually use.
Amelie: Umm..ok.
James: Fuck yeah! Let’s go inside.

They spent the rest of the afternoon listening to the rest of the album while discussing the music videos.

She got to the dorm around 23:00

And told me all about it. Normally, I would’ve been so excited, yet I felt something was off this time. And I felt right, she had a major crush on that James guy. She said she only finds him hot, but that’s it, but I could tell by the way she speaked of him.  I was a bit jealous. She haven’t told them she has a boyfriend, at that time.

Tomorrow morning

I woke up late to see that Amelie wasn’t in her bed. She texted she’s going to the band again.

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