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We had a very short fight through texts

but the break up was still on. She stayed at their house that night, while I went to the dorm. Word spread around pretty fast that me and Amelie broke up because she wanted to do low budget porn with some shady guys, therefore, people started to confess. They told me the stories of how Amelie slept with those guys for cash and what they did, that she’s always flashing her body. …Like I didn’t know.

Amelie on the other hand

developed an obbsession over that James guy. Everyone knew about it because she wasn’t at all subtle about it. The weird part is that she didn’t know what to do since he seemed very not interested. One morning, she was waiting for him at their house, lying on the couch. She knew he had to arrive cause they texted, and she pretended to fall asleep in a short dress with no panties.

Ethen came in first and found her like that

She got up since she heard the door and they started talking.

Ethen: So what are you doing waiting in this position?
Amelie: I…just fall asleep..
Ethen: Were you waiting for someone?
Amelie: Yeah…James..
Ethen: James?! Really?
Amelie: Yeah, I seem not get his attention. Does he have a girlfriend? Is he gay?
Ethen: Nope and…no.
Amelie: Well what does he like?
Ethen played his card.
Ethen: He likes really slutty girls that fuck around with his friends, I guess.
Amelie: Really?

Ethen,  grabbind her ass: Really.

5 minutes later he was fucking her from behind. 

After he came

Ethen: Listen…you gotta show him that you’re really wild. You gotta make him jealous of course…Let him see you with other guys.

That words sticked in her brain

Therefore during that weekend, when they threw another party, she made sure she got super drunk and sucked 4 guys right in the living room. She also made sure James could really get a good look at it.

The next day

She got a good facial from Robert and she didn’t cleaned herself before James saw that.

And the day after that

She sucked one of their friend’s dick. Just like that. It was like she was there to do that. She was always high and drunk and absolutely obsessed with James and her new job.

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