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We haven’t spoken in days

and haven’t really heard of her. She didn’t came to the dorms or the uni anymore and, to be honest, I was a actually happy about it. It’s been almost two weeks until it finally happened.  A colleague, the one that took her to the guys with the band, ended up walking with me towards uni and he asked me if I wanted to know about her. He said he’s been going there from time to time and took part on the photography and video project. I said Ok, tell me.

His story actually made me sad

Apprently, she slept at their house ever since and she was madly in love with that James guy. She thought that if she’ll be slutty enough, she will end up with james, therefore she slept with everyone in that house besides James, which was ironic.

Colleague: “Oh, and don’t worry about it, man. Trust me, she wasn’t the good girl you probably think she was. Don’t know if I should tell you this, but some guys from our dorm paid her for sex and stuff….”
Me: Really?…

I wasn’t gonna tell him I totally knew about it.

Me: Ok, but what happened with the band?
Colleague: Well, one night she got really high and drunk and told James she wants to be with him. James told her, in front of everyone, that he cannot be with a girl who sucked all his friends’ dicks.
Me: Oh…And then what happened?
Colleague: I don’t know. I think she left cause they had a big fight, things got out of hand indeed. They didn’t pay her… it was bad.
Me: And where is she now?
Colleague: I think still in States.
Me: In America????
Colleague: Yeah, they left last week…bro, I’m telling you! It’s great that you dodged that bullet. She became really addicted to drugs and she’s definitely on her way to become a full time prostitute! I cannot even imagine how you didn’t see it coming.

After he left

I called her. Her phone was off. I got so worried, I was literally shivering.


3 days after that

I’m in the library and a colleague comes to me and laughs

Him: AYEO have you seen what your girl have been doing?
Me: No, what are you talking about ?

He took out his phone and showed everyone at the table some photos. There was something similar to this:

He was laughing so hard

Him: She sucked us all for 20 pounds each!!
Me: When is this taken? And where?
Him: Yesterday evening. In the campus parking lot.
Me: Oh…well I’m not dating her since a while now, so…yeah.
Him: I bet you don’t. The bitch is so fkn addicted you cannot even speak to her.

So she was in the campus

but where was she staying at? I actually got upset, after leaving to USA and not getting paid for the job, she wasn’t even saying She’s ok? How did she come back? I knew we were about to see each other again.

And it happened sooner than I thought.

I got a text from my dealer that night with that week’s prices and at the end of the text he added “we also have a brown haired bitch, if u like”. The dealer was from our dorm, so I immediately knew it was her, so I texted him back.

He responed

Him: Oh, fuck..Sorry, mate. I think I texted the wrong number.

He knew I dated her, but I wanted to make sure if it was her, therefore I went upstairs and before I could get to his door, I see her, cause his door was slightly open..

She was in his room wearing a shirt and a thong

While being high as fuck. I could tell because I’ve never seen her this lost. I left and went to the bathroom and jerked off. I was so upset.

Later that day, I texted him that I want to see the brunette girl he was talking about. He responded “I don’t think you do”.

Me: I really do.

He sent me then a few photos.

Him: It’s your ex bitch, man.
Me: That’s cool, I wanna fuck her.
Him: Really?! Allright, I can make it happen but you must play it cool. Friday night at my camping home, outside the city. It’s gonna be a party. I’m planning to make it into an orgy. You can come.

He sent me the address. On friday night, I had one of the weirdest days of my life.

When I got there

The first thing I saw was some guy playing with Amelie’s butt in the pool. She was so high, her eyes were barely open.

The dealer came to me and served me with something.. definitely understood why she got addicted to it. It was something quite out of the ordinary, but very very aphrodisiac. THEN IT HIT ME.

I Immediately went to him

And told him:

Me: Amelie has been taking this for a while now. You have been giving it to her, isn’t it? That’s why she’s acting like this. You got her addicted to this shit and now she’s fucking guys for you!

Him, laughing: Aye,man, I know it’s your ex but do know that she used to fuck guys for money even when she was with you! She’s a nympho! She sucked all our dicks in the showers back when she was dating you, man! So don’t blame me and my shit.

Me: Where is she now?

Him: yo, don’t lose it here. It’s my party! You paid for a ticket to enter here. Just enjoy yourself, relax!

And he poured me another big line of that shit. I took it.. I was so dizzy.

Then I saw her again

I got so confused. She was serving people with drinks, but she looked like a zombie. Her eyes were so tired. She was dressed in a thong and a bra, but with some pantyhose over it.

I got up to go talk to her but he came over to me again

Him: Bro, I think you should let it go! You start to annoy me.

I sat back down.

Him: Just relax. I said it….she’s mine now.

He went to her, making sure I see that. She was absolutely zombie-high.

Him: Turn around, baby, let me make a story of your ass.

She actually turned around her posed for him

The drug and the situation really made me feel so confused, but in the same time, left me with a great great boner. She was bending herself to let him take better shots and I touched my pants, slowly rubbing my dick.

Indeed the shit was strong

I got so warmed up and horny. I don’t remember much from that night but I do remember this:

I was watching Amelie dressed like that and playing with guys and I couldn’t help but take my cock out and rub it. There were some people laughing at me but I think Amelie pulled me inside the house. Again, I don’t really remember anything. For a brief moment, I found myself slightly sober, having Amelie’s ass in my hands and fucking her hard in the ass.

On her other side, there was some guy fucking her in the mouth. She had her eyes closed, we were all too high.

As that guy came in her mouth

Another guy took her mouth. And after him another one and another one. As cum was dripping off her mouth, I got so turned on I wanted to cum too but I couldn’t. I was fucking her ass so hard, I realized that my girlfriend has been fucking so many guys her ass was actually not as tight anymore. She was an escort. And I made her like this.

In that moment, I remembered our relationship since the begininng.

Since I was having this fantasy and shared it with her and a year and something later she was camming and fucking with the owners of the studio. Later on she actually started fucking for money with clients. I always pushed her into this direction, I was always very turned on by it. But so did she. I mean, she explored her sexuality so much during the last years and I was so proud of her. Then I realized our drug addiction made us share this with lots of people we didn’t have to, like her teacher and our colleagues. And now I was fucking her in the ass while our dorm colleagues were taking turns on her mouth, so yeah, I think there was a drug problem indeed.

Cause that wasn’t the reputation we really wanted, though it was fun, it was not what we wanted.

When I saw the fifth guy cumming in her mouth, I came in her ass too.

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