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After a while

We got used to this lifestyle. I was quite used to the fact that sometimes I enter my room and I find Amelie and one of the guys doing something really nasty. But one time it was even nastier: I entered the room and there they were, talking with some friends, having a drink. She was wearing some unzipped pants and a top so loose, it could fall at any time.

Luckly, she was sitting down, cause her pants seem to fall at all times. I don’t know why, that moment made me feel weird then. They were having fun so I tried blending in. Some guy was telling everyone about this chick he met and how he wants to fuck her. After showing everyone photos of her, another dude said “Agh, it’s not worth the while, better pay 20 pounds and have Amelie suck your dick than waste your time with her”. They all had a laugh about it, including Amelie. She was like: Amelie: Let me see her! He passed her his phone. Amelie: Agh, I’m much better than her. Him: I know you are. I felt a little jealous for some reason. As she got up, her top fell a little and her boob was out. Amelie, laughing: oops! But she didn’t covered it instantly..She was so enjoying this. Everyone looked at me and becauseĀ  I wasn’t saying anything, some guy said: Him: Don’t worry, man! We’ve all seen your girlfriend naked before, it’s nothing new. Me: …. Oscar, very excited: Amelie, do you want to show them the movie we made?! Amelie: Which one? Oscar: The last one! Amelie: Yeah! You guys ready? I knew they taped themselves, but what the hell where they doing? Everyone seemed so relaxed about it, I couldn’t literally say I feel weird.

Oscar got his laptop

and entered a folder labeled “Amelie”. The folder was literally full of photos and videos… I didn’t know about it. Oscar: Agh…this one! Yeah And plays one video.

The video started with her stripping her bra

and playing with her bikini. Hers and Oscar’s voices were audible on the background, since they were talking about poses and stuff. Everyone in the room got so close to the laptop, watching the movie. She was posing and spreading her ass cheeks close to the camera in the video and they were all talking about her asshole.. I felt SO weird. Why would they show it to everyone? I swear my thoughts were “Good that it’s just a striptease show” and the next second…

Everyone cheered

He took his cock out and the rest of the video was just a closeup on her ass getting fucked.
Amelie, laughing: Fuck this looks good!
Someone: Yeah, you seem like an anal expert!
Amelie: You’d think that, my body count it quite low when it comes to anal. Someone: yeah? What is it?
Amelie,asking me: What was my body count, baby? We counted it a few night ago..
I’m never gonna forget that moment. I publicly said her body count since that moment and everyone went silent. One fun fact about us is that we really keep an organized body count, we like doing so.
Me: well…by now, you had 72 guys in vaginal sex.
Everyone went crazy…
Me: 24 guys you had anal with…
Amelie, interrupting me: 25! I re-counted myself yesterday! It’s 72 guys with normal sex, 25 anal, 15 with golden shower and, my favourite, 224 with oral sex.
Someguy: 224?!
Amelie: Yeah..
Someguy: Have you sucked 224 cocks?
Amelie, proud: Yeah!
Another guy: And 15 with golden what…? What is that?
Amelie: Golden shower?
Guy: Yeah, what is it.
Amelie: Is anything related to pee stuff. When the guy pees on the girl or when she drinks it. I felt a little embarrased, but I was just starting to get horny, which definitely helped.
Guy: so you drinked the pee of 15 guys?
Amelie, laughing : yeah!!
Guy: Ew, and what does it taste like?
Amelie: well it depends. Sometimes like warm water, sometimes really nasty. Guy: You might be the biggest slut I’ve ever met….
That turned me on a little, but I had to jump:
Me: There’s no point in saying names!
Guy: No,no, sorry, didn’t mean it like that. I think it’s awesome. A few seconds of silence covered the room and now the movie on the laptop was the only thing to hear, so everyone shifted their attention to it. There she was, sucking Oscar’s dick while moaning like a whore.

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