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After she texted me about what happened the night before

I went in the bathroom and jerked off and soon after I went to sleep, trying so hard not to think about what my girlfriend was doing at that time, only so I could fall asleep. The next morning, she facetimed me and she was whispering so she won’t wake up the guys. Their night was wild indeed –  it wasn’t only the peeing thing, she made out with some guys, flashed her tits, sucked a beer bottle, got a spanking from Oscar in front of everyone.. As she was talking to me, wearing a small thong and a bra, I was only thinking if the guys would wake up soon.

Soon after, they did

And we all started talking on facetime. I don’t know if you imagine how it felt to see your girlfriend on the phone, wearing a thong and a bra, staying in bed with two shirtless dudes.

They changed clothes

and kept me on the phone. Amelie sat the phone on the table as she took off her thong and bra and got dressed in new clothes. I was looking at her and remembered how shy she used to be when I met her. She only dated a guy before me and she was definitely such a good girl.

Soon after dating me, she started using drugs, we started fantasizing about the hotwife lifestyle and she seemed to like it. I mean, I would have never pursue this further on if I didn’t know for sure she was enjoying it. But that’s the thing – she actually enjoyed it. There always was this really slutty part inside of her, probably well hidden, and I just took it out. I mean from the shy good girl she used to be, to the cam model that’s fucking some hotel owners for money… to having gangbangs in their dorm with their friends…to wearing insanely slutty clothes and flashing her body wherever…to sucking almost all the guys on our floor in the dorm – it’s a long way…

But I was proud of her

We were happy. Having our little fetish life shared with Oscar and John, which turned out to be amazing friends for us.

So they went to get breakfast

John was holding the phone facetiming me under Amelie’s dress, showing me her panties. I got so emotional over our group so I told them “Why don’t you all come?”

And just like that, in almost an hour, all three of them had plane tickets towards me and Amelie’s home country for tomorrow morning.

I picked them up from the airport

with my rented audi car. I cannot live without a car, so I rented one, since I couldn’t drive all the way back here. We used to live in a small city somewhere in Eastern Europe so there we were. Having quite a long drive from the airport to our hometown, she started telling me how she fell asleep on the plain with her nipple hanging out. I laughed but got really turned on by the story, therefore it didn’t took 10 minutes and she was already taking my dick out while I was driving.

Amelie: Oh baby, you don’t know how much I missed you.

John and Oscar were enjoying the views of Eastern Europe and also the view of my girlfriend sucking my dick. We were already used to having sex with eachother around. As I was getting ready to cum, I found a small rest stop in next to the woods. I parked the car and allowed myself to relax while Amelie was doing her magic with her mouth on my dick…3 minutes later I came in her mouth and she laughed, proudly.

As I was breathing loudly

Oscar: What about me?
John: Yeah, you’re forgetting about us?
Amelie, laughing: Oh no, boys! Come on, let’s go outside.

We all got outside and she started sucking their dicks in the same time. After I came, it was quite an confusing thing to watch my girlfriend suck two cocks, but I came around shortly.

Then she said

Amelie: Cum in my mouth, please, don’t mess my clothes!

Such a thing to hear from your girlfriend’s mouth, I thought, but there she was. She just swallowed three men’s cum in less then an hour. She was such a slut. All of us were so horny.

We went back on the road

and we were talking about the friends we’re about to meet. Me, Oscar and John were already thinking about turning this into a “vacation mood” – as in “what happens in vacation, stays in vacation”, but to our surprise, Amelie was kind of awkward about it.

Amelie: ….I mean, when we’re there, it’s different. We went in UK and soon after we started this type of things ONLY because we were there. We didn’t have family and many friends there so it was ok. But here, here’s our family and childhood friends. Everyone knows us around here. We cannot do anything crazy outside our bedroom.

John: Why’s that?
Amelie: Well I don’t want people in my hometown to think I’m a slut, obviously!
John, laughing: how’s it different than people from the fkn dorm we live in?
Amelie: It’s different, we probably gonna end up here, after studying, right?

We all agreed with her.

As we arrived we checked in in our airbnb

..left Oscar and John there and went to visit her parents. Both my parents and hers asked us how comes we’re not working anywhere, and we said we still have some money left from previous jobs and we’re about to get hired soon. We couldn’t say “Oh, you know, your daughter is working as a part time cam model and she sucks dick for 20 pounds.” But definitely made us realize that we should take a normal job sooner or later. plus, the money that we were making now were absolute shit compared to the money we were making last year, when she was working as a regular escort, dancer, hostess and cam model at the hotel and I was working full time.

Next day

Me and her met with some old friends – we had drinks and stayed up talking til very late. They invited us to one of their gardens to sunbathe the day after that, so we made the plan. As we got back to our airbnb, we were super excited about it.

Amelie: Fuck, I cannot go to sunbathe with them wearing my type of swimming suits.
John: Why not?
Amelie: Well. it’s all very revealing. I don’t want them to see me like that.
Me: Well they kind of did since you been posting nudes of yourself on your instagram.
Amelie: Mmmmm….right…fuck. You’re right…

She took her phone out and started scrolling on her instagram.

Amelie, finding a rather sexy photo: Fuck, look at this one. I’m dressed like a fkn whore..

Amelie: Look, in this one you can see my fkn panties!!! God, what’s wrong with me?

She scrolled even lower and found the best photo on her instagram at the time.

Amelie: FUCK! I’m just showing my ass in this one. I’m not even wearing panties, it’s not even artistic. It’s literally porn, wtf is wrong with me? How could you let me post this type of stuff?!
Oscar: Well…we never told you what to post.
Amelie, shouting at me: No, but you did!
Me: What are you saying?
Amelie: What am I saying? I’m saying that now all my 5000 followers including my hometown friends, even teachers have seen my butt . Just like that.

She was trying to seem angry, but there was a little smile coming out of her lips, so I couldn’t take it seriously.

Me: Yeah, and? Is that a problem? Aren’t you my slave?

Those are her magic words. She immediately joined in.

Amelie: Yes, master.
Me: Then what is the problem?
Amelie, almost laughing: How comes I am so turned on by this?

It took around 5 minutes

and she was already getting us naked. And another 5 until we were fucking.

After we all came

and made Amelie cum like 5 times, we went to sleep. The next day, me and her went to meet with those friends and indeed, it was a perfect sunbathing weather. I remembered what we spoke last night and to be honest, I was kind of happy she didn’t want to be slutty around our hometown friends. But apparently, she thought differently. When I saw her stripping her clothes into her bathing suit, I was amazed. That was one of the smallest thongs you can imagine..Like really really small.

More than that, because last night me, John and Oscar literally abused her asshole, I could swear it was way larger than usual and you could TOTALLY see it whenever she would bend down even a little. Everyone saw it, definitely and everyone complimented her but looked at her in a weird way.

We spent a few hours in the sun

and then they suggested we go inside to cool off. Amelie said she’ll hang around a bit outside and I said I’ll stay with her. So there we were, in this guy’s garden, she takes her top off.
Me: Fuck, they can see you, there’s a glass door!
Amelie: And? Isn’t that what you wanted?
Me: Well….
Amelie: Come take a photo for my instagram story.
She passed me her phone and I took a photo of her from behind. She posted it on her story instantly and looked at me.
Me: …baby, they could see you…
Amelie: Oh yeah?

She takes her panties off

Me: Fuck…
Amelie, dirty talking: Isn’t this what you wanted? For me to be more slutty? Come on, take another photo of me.
I was looking back at the house to see if they would see that, then I took a photo of her. She posted it. As a picture, not a story, with the description “sunbathing with @name-of-our-friend.

Amelie: happy? Now everyone can see i’m naked at this guy’s house..happy now?

She got dressed and we went back inside. Our friend came to her and told her “Thanks for the tag, sexy. I’m glad to see you two had a comfortable time in my garden :)”

They bought some LSD tabs for today, as a surprise for us, and that was something we haven’t done in a long time. So we took it and as we were waiting for it to kick in, me and Amelie were talking on the couch.
Me: I cannot believe this. This is too hot. you’re such a slut! Anyone,I mean, ANYONE who wants to see your butt can do it by pressing two buttons. Amazing.
Amelie, laughing: Fuck…yeah…

We were both very horny after all this.

I don’t know if that ever happened to you, but the next thing was crazy as hell. As we were getting hornier and hornier talking about it, lsd kicked in and we started a crazy trip of being fkn horny.

Amelie: Babe, we have to go, I’m too horny to stay here. I’m literally gonna explode, seriously.
Me, super high: Ok, if you don’t feel ok, we’ll go.
Amelie: Seriously, I cannot hold it in. It’s insane.
Me: What do you feel like doing?
Amelie: I don’t know….
Me: Would you take all the cocks in this room in your mouth?
She moaned out loud. I realized that this might actually be a strong trip, so I said goodbye to everyone and called a taxi. It wasn’t far from our airbnb.

Amelie: I want you three. Tonight. To humiliate me. Like never before.

I was rock solid.

Me: Tell them that….

She tried to get it together to text Oscar and John the same text message “I want you three.tonight. to humiliate me. Like never before”

We got home…

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