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Needless to say how the night started

She got us three naked and stripped herself, she was out of her mind. “Harder, harder, harder” – She said that a million times.

We were actually a little overwhelmed

I was fucking her in the mouth, while the guys tried to find a way to sit fucking her vagina and ass, and we switched oftenly. Because she was so high, it was kind of hard to get into a position for that to be possible, so it was so chaotic at some point.

She was having orgasm after orgasm but that didn’t tamed her at all. She kept on saying “Keep going, please, make me your whore, i’m your whore”.

She was out of her mind.

As I was fucking her in the ass

I wastouching my legs to Oscar’s legs, who was fucking her in the pussy. I was watching John throating her and she yelling. I was so high too and that image stayed with me for a long time. As saliva was dripping on her face, I was tripping and thinking “That’s my girlfriend, and that guy is fucking her mouth so aggresivelly, and she loves it!”

Soon, John and Oscar came. John in her mouth and Oscar in her ass.

But she couldn’t take their absence

Amelie: Come back, please!
Their dicks weren’t hard anymore.
Amelie: please, come back!
Oscar: We haven’t left anywhere, baby.
Amelie: Pee on me! Please!

I couldn’t cum easily because of the lsd but hearing her saying that to other men was definitely helping. I have to say, the moment I entered her ass again and saw how cum spilled out of her, I felt like a cuckold for a second. Then I felt even more like a cuckold when Oscar actually started peeing and my girlfriend opened her mouth wide. She tried drinking it all, but didn’t managed, obviously.

Amelie: MMMM…please….

She was high as hell.

John turned next, he tried like one minute to pee, while Amelie only kept her mouth open.

Eventually, I came too

And obviously, she made me pee all over her cum filled mouth, which I gotta say was one of the sluttiest things I saw her do. That whole sex session was one of the sluttiest, definitely. Really stayed with me for a long time.

The boys were quite tired

But Amelie was still horny as hell and actually, me too. We tripped out really hard on it. We didn’t feel like having sex again that very moment, but felt horny still. We stayed in bed and talked about the sexiest things.

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